We Are The Dorks is a cross marketing arts alliance formed by a collection of creative characters with a similar vision for the future. 

To be called a "Dork" isn't traditionally a good thing, so this group is repurposing the term.  By taking ownership of the label they are able to make it their own.

The Dorks want to address the bullying issue by being role models for those that have been picked on. They are sticking to their guns and who they are, not letting the misperceptions of others alter their path. 

Each of the members contributes to the success of the group as well as has formed strategic partnerships that propel them individually.

The group promotes free thinking, self expression, collectivized action to promote individual ideas.

The Dorks are the true life of the party, spreading their fun loving expressive energy to any environment they enter.

Contact for them for parties, special events, music videos, or anywhere you want to make a memorable experience. #stopbullying