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Maceo Paisley is a multi-talented intellectual with very little inhibition. His variety of skills make him a unique talent. If he is not recording dance videos in his apartment, he is reading a physics text book, practicing origami, and trying to perfect a sweet potato pie recipe, all at the same time. When he is not in Dork mode he is packaging designer at American Apparel and running his business MZKprojects.

He has a checkered past and a broad range of knowledge that he employs as a creative force, and as a businessman. Maceo Paisley is the strategist and planner, he might even say mastermind.

Check out Maceo's latest dance video here.

Poet, Dancer,Photographer, Musician, Creative Strategist


Age in Dork years:

Zodiak sign:

What is your super hero power?
i can turn my dreams and ideas in to reality

How long have you been with the Dorks Crew?
2 years

What is your style trademark?
Brightly Colored Socks, Interesting Eyeglasses

Describe what it means to you to be free?
Fearless, Wise, Educated, Healthy, Self-Aware

What’s your favorite candy?

How much money do you have in your bank account right now?
Um... can you repeat the question?

What is one positive change you hope to help create in the world?
Inspire to people to take action on their dreams, commit to being excellent.