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Mr. DORK himself is a bright and creative beacon in a muddy droll entertainment industry. He breathes life into everything he does with a special brand of style and energy.

Dork Dozier captures your eye with his style and will keep you interested with his character. He is a compassionate soul and natural leader, his heartbeat is the driving engine of The Dorks, his namesake, his legacy.

A founding member of The Dorks and designer at Think A Bit Bigger, his bow tie and accessory line, dancer, singer, and all around character,he is one to watch, literally.

Dork is currently working on his first music project with The Cords


Designer/Recording Artist


Age in Dork years:
I've been a Dork since day 1... Been building it since Summer of 2005

Zodiak sign:

What is your super hero power?
Sponge Bob

How long have you been with the Dorks Crew?
I Started the Dorks along with my best friend Cookie Man.

What is your style trademark?
Flashy Bow Ties

Describe what it means to you to be free:
To be free to me is not being shackled by any negative forces and being as expressive as you want with no care in the world!!!

What’s your favorite candy?
100Grand Chocolate Bars

How much money do you have in your bank account right now?

What is one positive change you hope to help create in the world?
I want to make it believable that inner joy is more powerful than inner hate and it is easier to smile and laugh than to frown and fight!!!