Not just good looking, "The Dorks" are a collective of musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs. These forward thinkers are looking to show the world that you obtain success and still stay true to yourself, never having to conform to the status quo.


The Dorks are changing the paradigm in the cultural climate of the mainstream, redefining cool from what mass market media tells us.

We all have that part of us that were relluctant to show, that part we have learned to suppress. So often this get the best of us all, but The Dorks take a stand and say NO!!!


Our gifts are part of our identity and should not be sacrificed just to be accepted. Everyone has a little DORK in them and where there is one, there is many. Through methods of peace through progression The Dorks will change the world at large one mind at a time.


Say it with us."WE ARE THE DORKS!"